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Its Roots, Bark And Berries Are Of Immense Medicinal Value.

A species of the mint family, the horehound herb is endemic to Europe, but can now be found chinese acupuncture throughout North and South America. Holistic nutrition means taking care of all the important aspects - from knowing the importance of dietary constituents, to involvement of organic food, studying latest nutrition researches, to taking note of the foods that are to... The other reason for developing eye floaters include eye injury or strain. A refreshing summer drink, lemon balm tea can be made from fresh lemon balm growing in your garden. Be it managing stress, boosting immunity or maintaining optimum energy levels, this herb may work to make you feel much better. This tea is popularly touted as a cancer-curing tea, although there is no scientific evidence to back the same. Roman medicine was heavily influenced by Greek medical treatises. Its roots, bark and berries are of immense medicinal value. This mixture is said to be an excellent herbal massage oil for relieving muscle spasms. It can contract as well as relax uterine muscles and it owes this property to the diversity in its composition. So, even if you sweat, it will not get trapped in the clothes and cause any sort of discomfort. To know more, read on... Most of the time, it is observed that there is no specific serious cause for dry mouth and hence, there is no treatment available. This helps in easing menopause symptoms. Green tea contains a high amount of poly phenols that activate an enzyme, which dissolves triglyceride.

The effect of vitex on pituitary function in this manner enables it to regulate hot flashes and dizziness. Consumption of herbs during pregnancy is a much-debated subject. This is where you'll get to know about the therapeutic effects of this aromatic tea. Many men refuse to accept that they can also suffer from this medical condition, because they think that it is experienced only by women. ✔ The body temperature in men goes through a typical cycle. These medicines may require some time to show their effect and the symptoms may also aggravate during their use, but the disease gets completely cured and does not relapse, once the homoeopathic course is completed.

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